About Us

We are a Polish biomedical company focused on upper limb prosthetics.

We use modern technologies to design and manufacture our products. Our team has been brought together by the shared passion and willingness to help, which is why we are introducing necessary changes in prosthetics together!

Sales Representative

Michał Kościelny - our client at first, he now takes care of the clients himself, guiding them through the entire process of the prosthetic fitting and helping them to apply for funding. He also represents the company during cooperation talks.


People endowed with manual skills, a unique sense of aesthetics and with attention to detail, thanks to whom our silicone gloves, cosmetic restorations and other silicone elements are made.

Biomedical Engineers

They are the main ones responsible for the construction of TOLKA. They also design and 3D print prosthetic sockets, forms for silicone elements and many other parts needed in day-to-day work or on special orders.


Our indispensable engineers, in addition to fixing things that don’t work, design electronics, make PCBs and build machines to test the strength of our prosthetic components.


Using various programming languages, our programmers work on TOLKA PRO, create specialized applications and use neural networks for advanced projects.

Bartosz Rajewski

CEO and together with Marcin Mazurek, vBionic founder. Bartek manages the project and he's been implementing the innovative vision in the field of prosthetics since 2016.

Our Mission

vBionic’s mission is to democratize access to prosthetic solutions for the upper limb.

We want the financial situation or place of residence not to be an obstacle to comfortable everyday life. Therefore, we make sure that our solutions are functional, helpful and at affordable price, and that the entire process of prosthetic fitting can be carried out remotely.

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