Cosmetic Restorations

Cosmetic prostheses that restore the lack of a hand fragment are subjected to the greatest customization among our offer. To make them look as realistic as possible, we scrupulously make details such as:

Product Description

The cosmetic restoration is a passive prosthesis that complete the lack of a hand fragment. It is intended for people with birth defects and for those who have lost a part of their hand as a result of an injury or disease. The product is made entirely of silicone.


The silicone used is characterised by high tear strength, elasticity and softness, which also makes it nice to touch. It is easy to clean the smudges with just soap and water.


Stump measurements can be taken during a visit at our office, but it can also be done completely remotely. The restoration is designed based on a model of the healthy hand obtained from a scan or video. If this is not possible, it is designed based on one of the models made by vBionic. We deliver the test prostheses, as well as the finished product, to the customer’s door.

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