Silicone liners are flexible inner sockets providing a completely new comfort of use of the prosthesis!

Product Description

Liner is a fitted and flexible inner socket. We make it based on a 3D model of a complete liner for the upper or lower limb. In regard to our clients, we design it ourselves.


The product is made entirely of soft and elastic silicone. Liners made to order from the received 3D model may have a variable thickness. In those designed by us, the thickness is consistent, only slightly decreasing towards the edges. The color possibilities are almost endless!


The properties of the material make the element adhere perfectly to the body and mould to the shape of the limb. As a result, it does not slip and ensures a better embedding on the stump, preventing the socket from shifting. It is a solution for people who want to improve the fit of the socket and thereby, the comfort of everyday use.

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